12 Day challenge (Drink at least 1 cup for 12 days in a row)


3-5 Servings of GREEN vegetables in each cup

We’ve been told since we were young that we should have 3-5 servings of green vegetables a day, but most of us were never told why.  Green vegetables play a major role in our health by 1- making sure the body has the nutrients it needs and 2 – helping the body get rid of all the things that are in excess or just downright bad for us.  Bio Coffee’s key ingredient wheatgrass, is packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients that provide the body with all the nutrition it needs and helps the natural elimination process.  Super foods, like wheatgrass, are classified as those that have all the body needs to survive and be healthy.  For the 9 out of 10 of us that fail to get our 3-5 servings of, not just any, but GREEN vegetables on a daily basis, Bio Coffee can be a major step in improving our overall health.  The wheatgrass in Bio Coffee also has a unique advantage over other forms of wheatgrass.  Due to the large amount of moisture that it takes to grow wheatgrass, fungus and bacteria grow in the soil around the roots.  As a result, most harvest wheatgrass by cutting off the top part of the plant or the leaves.  Although the leaves are packed with nutrients, a large portion of the plants alkalinity and nutrient value is in the roots.  Bio Coffee’s wheatgrass is grown aeroponically (with no soil).  This allows for us to harvest the roots of the plant also making it even more nutrient rich. 

Powerful benefits of Prebiotics & Probiotics

Our foods and drinks should give the body what it needs and help us rid ourselves of what we don’t.  Prebiotics help the body absorb vitamins, minerals and nutrients that we extract from our food.  They’re important because even if we eat foods that are good for us, if our body can’t extract its nutrient value, we’re just going through the motion.  Probiotics help the body push out the excess or unusable parts of what we ingest.  They’re important because no matter how good something is for us, if it’s not being used, it becomes waste and if we don’t get rid of it, it quickly begins to work against our overall health.  Bio Coffee comes packed with natural Pro & Pre Biotics. In our quest to achieve optimum health, many of us spend a lot of money on buying Pre and Probitics. Bio Coffee provides these all in your morning cup of Joe. 

Get a boost of energy without the 'crash'

A lot of us associate coffee with energy because of the effect caffeine has on us.   In actuality, caffeine puts us on a vicious cycle of depriving the body of the real things that cause energy boosts, that can be very difficult to break.  Being nutrient deficient, caffeine strips the body of vitamins, minerals and nutrients as it passes through our bodies.  This is why we generally don’t give it to children and pregnant or nursing mothers.  Losing those vitamins and minerals can have damaging effects at crucial points in our lives.  While stripping the body, caffeine makes the heart race as though you just ran a mile.   This causes us to feel as if we have energy to take on the world.  Once the heart rate slows down, our body then realizes that it has been robbed of the things it uses for energy.  This causes us to have a sudden crash or feeling of energy depletion.  Now that we can’t stay awake let alone take on the world, we usually turn back to caffeine and start the whole process over again.  Bio coffee provides energy by giving you an abundant supply of what the body actually uses for energy – vitamins, minerals and nutrients.  It’s as if you woke up, went to your nearest juice bar, ordered loads of natural proteins, vitamins and nutrients then combined it with something that actually satisfies your tastes buds.  The result – natural energy without a crash later.  Daily energy should not have to equal nutrient loss. 

High Fiber supports regularity


A lot of us underestimate how much excess waste we hold on to.  Did you know that if you don’t move your bowels equivalent to the number of meals you have a day that you’re considered constipated?  If we eat 3 times a day but only move our bowels once a day, where do we think the rest of that is going?  Burned off in our daily activities? – Not quite.  Most people would be amazed to know how much waste we hold on to.  Moving your bowels more frequently is the body’s natural way of getting rid of that which it doesn’t need and preventing further complications.  When we retain more sugar than the body uses, sooner or later that build up causes sugar diabetes.  When we retain more cholesterol than the body uses, sooner or later that build up causes us to have high cholesterol levels.  When we retain more salt than the body uses, sooner or later that build up causes us to have high blood pressure.  This is why at a certain age, our doctors almost force us to come in and have a colonoscopy.  They need to find out how much we’ve been holding on to and what problems its causing.  We want our digestive systems to operate more like it did before, when we were babies.  Babies take what they need from what they eat and get rid of the rest.  The lack of waste in their bodies causes them to be clean inside and out.  As a result, their eyes are bright, clear and healthy, their skin is soft and clear, their hair is strong and shiny and they’re full of energy.  Fiber helps stimulate peristalsis, a natural wave like motion that occurs in the colon, that helps us get rid of the excess waste that many of us carry around.  Keeping our bodies clean shouldn’t be a once or twice a year detox.  It should take place naturally, regularly and without discomfort or strain.  ​

Just one cup of Bio Coffee provides 6 grams of fiber, 25% of the daily recommended  amount. Take the 12 Day Challenge and get your fiber in with your warm morning delight.